Suspension and Steering Service

The key role of well performing car suspension and steering are to provide stability, good handling and ultimately safety.

A regular suspension and steering service will ensure the comfort and safety of your passengers. The overall suspension and steering systems will be checked, the shock absorbers will be examined and replaced if required and a wheel alignment will be performed. All these activities will protect the longevity of your tires and efficiency of your car.

Perfection Auto Garage has highly trained mechanics that are familiar with all types of suspension systems. They can inspect, diagnose problems, discuss the repairs required with you and then fix your suspension system.

Everything you need to know and more


A car’s suspension is built to take care of road isolation, handling and cornering. These principles ensure your car-suspension-shock-absorberscar maintains contact with the road at all times, handles well, travels a curved path as expected and is a comfortable ride.



A car’s steering system works in such a way that a turn of the steering wheel will result in a relatively small correction of wheel direction to maneuver the vehicle. Steering effort is passed to the wheels through a series of pivot joints, allowing the wheels to move up and down with the suspension system without hindering the steering angle.
When a steering wheel is turned, not all wheels are turned at the same angle. When cornering, the inner front wheel of a car becomes more tightly angled because it has to perform a sharper turn. This precise angling requires steering systems to be maintained to ensure the appropriate response is returned as a result of steering wheel movement.


Shock Absorbers and Struts

Both shock absorbers and struts work with the car’s suspension to absorb the effects of imperfections on the road. They work in two cycles, compression and extension. They are velocity sensitive, meaning the faster a car drives the more reactive your shocks and struts will be, to ensure a smooth ride.
The terms shocks and struts are often used interchangeably but they are in fact two separate components and they never replace one another. Struts are typically more expensive but their role in maintaining a cars suspension is greater because they also act as a pivot point of steering.


Wheel Alignment

Misaligned wheels can cause a host of problems, including uneven tire wear. A professional wheel alignment will ensure your tires last longer and your car handles well and safely.
If driving your car isn’t a pleasure anymore, get it into your Pangulf Garage for a steering and suspension service.